Business Matching and Investment

Information on business opportunities which helps to match enterprises is one of the most important services that entrepreneurs and venture capitalist expect to have as a basis for decision making to develop their businesses elsewhere.


We will help you develop your business considering following type of business relationship:


  • Agency : is basically an agreement in which a company or an individual acts on behalf of another to perform certain specific services like marketing, customer support and product sales.
  • Distributor: is an individual or a company that has the rights (sometimes exclusive) to sell goods or offer services on behalf of a producer in a particular market or geographical areas. The distributor imports directly from the exporter.
  • Supplier partnership: In this form of relationship, a customer forms a collaborative relationship with the supplier for a project or for a specific purchase agreement.
  • Joint Marketing: occurs when two or more parties enter into an agreement to share marketing expertise and conduct joint marketing in the host or third country market
  • Licensing arrangement: is given when a company with a well-known product or technology allows the licensee to manufacture the product, usually for a country or region. The licensing company collects royalties based on a fixed sum or the quantity


  • Contract Manufacturing: a contract manufacturer manufactures a product or component for another company (the principal). The contract manufacturer provides labour, production capacity and some technical expertise. Marketing and distribution are controlled by the principal. The contract is usually for a fixed duration of time and can be terminated.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):produces products or components for another manufacturer who resells the products or components to the end users under its own brand name.
  • Franchising : is an arrangement where a party which has developed a proven way of running and managing a business successfully, licenses another party the rights to operate that business format under the trade or service mark(s) or trade name(s) of the first party. The business arrangement involves a formal legal contract between the two parties.
  • Joint venture: a contractual relationship is established between two or more companies to carry out a specific business or project. Joint ventures are often proposed in order to enter an industry for which the company has some, but not all,

the critical capabilities. This creates scope for synergy.

  • Mergers: takes place when the assets and liabilities of one company are combined with the assets and liabilities of another company. If a merger is between two companies in the same line of business, we have a horizontal merger. If the merger is between two companies in the same business but participating in different stages of the value

chain, a vertical merger develops. Finally, if the merger is between two companies in different businesses, it is known as a conglomerate merger.



Business Model:


Level Service Complexity Resource Users Fee
A Information services , eNews Low Low All Free
B Market contact

Benchmarking Services

Buyer-Seller Meeting

Partner Identification

Low Medium Members Varied based on scope
C Escort services

Market research

Legal and admin consultancy

Medium High Members Varied based on scope
D Joint venture and business collaboration High High Members To be developed by partners


Most business matching will be led to investment. In this cases Credit rating of selected partner is also part of our services.



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