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Reference Consulting is offering consultancy and training service in the following fields:


Business Matching and Investment

Business Benchmarking

Business Excellence


We are specialized in Middle East and particularly in Iran with developing market in the region, with a developed chain of recognized partners in region backed up by largest repository of empirically proven business best practices.


Together with our partners, Reference Consulting AS brought by itself experience of completing more than hundreds of consultancy projects and studies including but not limited to business benchmarking, self-assessment based on business excellence models and preparing roadmaps, developing strategic plans which are providing us with unrivaled benchmark data. It is the result of nearly a two decades of working with many key player organization in the region.

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  • Vesteråsveien 26B, 0382, Oslo - Norway

  • info@referenceconsulting.no


Business Matching and Investment

Information on business opportunities which helps to match enterprises is one of the most important services that entrepreneurs and venture capitalist expect to have as a basis for decision making to develop their businesses elsewhere.
We will help you develop your business by providing right information about your favorite sector or selected company which may lead to finding you a right distributor, qualified supplier, eligible joint market researcher, …

Business Benchmarking

Benchmarking provides a means to compare your firm against other businesses, and identify areas where you can improve your performance.
Reference AS will help organizations in following Benchmarking Areas:
·         Processes
·         Business model and strategy
·         Costs and productivity
·         Key performance indicators
We will find a right benchmarking partner for you and customize the project plan based on your needs.
We also offers customized mentoring services for internal benchmarking.

Business Excellence

Reference Consulting AS is delivering the following services on behalf of Business Excellence Institute.
·Business mentoring and coaching
·Management learning games
·Baseline certification
·Excellence assessment
·Implementation support


Business Excellence
The Business Excellence Institute was established to help organizations become more competitive, better enabling them to deliver outstanding results for all their stakeholders. From this starting point, it broadened its mandate to promote and develop the Business Excellence profession.
Reference Consulting AS is delivering BEX institute services in northern European countries and specially in Norway.
IPC Group has been founded by a group of experienced experts specialized in management, economics, finance, industrial engineering and IT. Reference Consulting AS is partnering with IPC group providing following services
§  Credit Rating and Due Diligence
§  Benchmarking
§  Economic Studies
The scope of services provided by IPC Group through four companies and twelve centers is wider.
3W-Solutions is an active organisation with various services. It can support companies by consulting, presenting comprehensive reports and finding suitable partners in any level in supply chain and any field. 3W-Solutions provide following services:
  • General services such as: Business Relationship, Human Resource Consulting, Exhibitions, Legal, Financial, Branding, Advertising, Market Research, Corporate Governance, Technology and Innovation Management, Market Selection, ...
  • Business Matching
  • Business Information Reports


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